Saturday, November 30, 2013

Wednesday, November 27

Today was my official last day of school and it was an absolutely perfect end. During first period, I got called out of class and into the principal’s office. My mom had complained yesterday that I am not on the roll sheet, I don’t get grades, and even if  I do take tests (which I am not obligated to) I don’t get grades. The principal told me that starting next year he would make sure  I got grades on all my tests and that  I was treated more like a normal student. He also told me how shocked he was by how dedicated I was to working and learning Spanish. Although I’m not completely sure it’s a good thing to no longer have the opportunity to ditch class or not take a test, I was really pleased that he recognized my hard work and that I really am here to learn and not just to goof off and not speak Spanish. During PE, we had this giant party with a ton of food and two people actually brought portable grills to make hamburgers. I knew the Chileans were crazy about their asados but making them during class was just a little crazy. I admire their dedication though. 
During the rest of school we basically just talked the whole time. I talked to all my friends and listened to their conversations and couldn’t help thinking about how far I’ve come in the last 4 months! After school, I went home and worked on college apps for a while, and then hung out with Maxi and Maria Jesus until Katie and Antonia came over. We walked to the Lider and started buying the long list of food we needed to cook a genuine Thanksgiving dinner. We dropped off our purchases at home and then walked to the Jumbo to finish the shopping. When we got home, Katie cooked us mac and cheese for dinner, and then Daniel came over. We sat around the kitchen table and talked (in Spanish when my family was with us and English when they weren’t) and make Oreo bonbons, and ate ice cream. Around 1, Cristobal called the family and needed my help to fill out the forms for his Rotary trip because they were in English and I was the only one who understood enough.  I also got to talk to his second host family (he switched on Tuesday), and they are the sweetest people ever. After we hung up, I found Daniel, Antonia, and Katie talking in my room. We all sat on the bed and ate chips and talked about everything under the sun.
They are probably my best friends here and I love them because even though we haven’t known each other very long and we all come from such different places, we can talk about everything and we always have fun together.
Daniel and Antonia are both leaving in a few months, so we made an awesome bucket list of stuff we have to do together before they leave. I think we are going to make the next few months absolutely unforgettable. Around 4:30 Daniel went out into the living room to go to sleep and Katie, Antonia, and I slept sandwiched together in my bed. I was in the middle and it was pretty hard to get a good night’s sleep there.

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