Friday, November 29, 2013

Monday, November 25

Today I basically felt like death when I had to wake up for school. I really need to get more sleep. Anyway, last Friday was basically the last day of classes and this week is just review for the tests (which I’m not going to take), so Katie, Daniel, and Antonia aren’t coming to school anymore. I decided to just go to hang out with friends. It was an ok day at school but I was so tired that I didn’t have to energy I wanted to. After school, I worked on my blog for a little while and talked to the people who were still in my house from the night before. Then Daniel came over around 5 and we hung out for a while before walking over to the Jumbo and meeting up with Antonia. We tried to take a collectivo to the movie theater, but we accidentally got in one going me the exact opposite direction so we had to get out and take another one. We finally got there and met up with Katie and then went to Papa John’s to eat a large pizza and garlic sticks. Then we went and saw Catching Fire. It was an absolutely fantastic movie! I absolutely loved it and I want to see it again! During the movie my mom sent me a text saying that Eric had the car and so she wouldn’t be able to pick me up. After the movie when we went outside, Antonia found out she would have to take a micro to the Jumbo to get home, Daniel would have to walk like 15 minutes to another grocery store to get picked up, and Katie would have to wait at the movies like 20 more minutes. This all happened at like 10 on a school night. We just had to laugh at the irresponsibility of our Chilean parents. Antonia and I went together because we were both going to the Jumbo. We waited on the side of the street trying to hail a collectivo in the dark, but when we asked a micro driver which collectivo to take, he said collectivo that go to the jumbo don’t run by the theater at that time of night. He was super nice though and he told us we could get in the micro without paying and he would tell us where to get off the get a collectivo. We did that and finally ended up making it to the Jumbo. When I got back to the house around 10:30, my mom apologized and I just said it was fine and it actually pretty cool that I was able to completely find my way back through the city using public transportation in Spanish. I took a quick shower and went to sleep as soon as possible.

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