Friday, November 29, 2013

Thursday, November 21

Today we woke up around 1 after going to sleep at 6 in the morning. We all debriefed from the party the night before while we showered, got ready, and made breakfast (college style—the milk, cheese, eggs, and ham in the fridge was all spoiled so we ate toast with avocado and drank coke). Then we packed up and Vicente drove us to Starbucks, which we were all craving desperately. We ordered, laughed about how badly they messed up the spelling of each of our names, and then drank our coffee slowly while we talked and sat outside.
After we all finished, we got in the car to drive back to Rancagua. It was the first time since I’ve been here that I’ve been in the car just with young people and it was the best feeling in the world to be able to roll down the windows, blast the music, sing at the top of my lungs, and feel completely free and utterly happy. That was one of my favorite things to do in the US and one of the things I miss most is that amazing feeling of freedom and joy. Anyway, we got back to Rancagua and they dropped me off at my house. I talked to Sra Adela for a while, and then went for a run, showered, ate dinner, and went to sleep early because I was still tired from the crazy night before.

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