Friday, November 29, 2013

Tuesday, November 12

Today was a really good day at school for no reason at all. Tuesdays are always great. Antonia and Katie ditched school all day to hang out in the center but I didn’t go with them because I’m really getting tired of speaking English all the time. It’s hard though because obviously I formed a faster bond with them because we speak the same language, and so they’re like my best friends here but at the same time I don’t want to hang out with them because we always just speak English. In school we chose our electives for next year. I chose two classes of social studies and one of calculus. After school I took the school bus with my friends Anto and Carmen over to Anto’s house so I could help them with an English project. It was a trailer for a movie, and so I helped them write the script and learn the pronunciation, and then we filmed it. I had fun with them, laughing and joking around. My mom came and picked me up at 5, and then I went home, ate dinner, went for a run, and showered. Around 7, Katie came over. We walked to the Jumbo and went shopping for a while, although neither of us bought anything. Then we came back and drank coffee and talked to Monse for a while. Around 11 we were dead tired, so we went to sleep.

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