Sunday, November 10, 2013

Friday, October 25

Today was a great end to the week. School was nothing special, other than a math test, which I always enjoy because I actually feel like I know what’s going on. Last period, instead of going to language, Katie, Antonia, Daniel, and I walked into the center of town and hung out for a while. We got some ice cream and looked around the cool market for a while and then walked back to school. After I got home, I walked to the Jumbo to buy a birthday gift for my friend Popi, whose birthday party was today. She just came back from an exchange in the US, so I bought her Nutella and Peanut Butter—American food. Then, I changed clothes and my mom drove me over to Popi’s house. Her friends are mostly seniors, and I don’t know almost any seniors, so I was worried that it would be awkward. It wasn’t that bad at all thought because everyone was super friendly and nice and wanted to talk to me.
Then toward the end of the night when a lot of people had already left, they started talking about a bunch of memories that they had together and telling inside jokes that I didn't understand, and I felt pretty excluded at that point. But overall Popi’s party was great, and I met some really cool new people. I want to start getting to know people better. I feel like I have a lot of really nice acquaintances but not any real friends. Anyway, after my mom picked me up from the party around midnight, we went to pick up Monse in a birthday party at her friend’s house. Her friend’s brother happens to be my classmate Jerko, so I went in and we sat and talked for a while before we came home and I crashed because it had been a long day.

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