Friday, November 29, 2013

Monday, November 18

Today I had to wake up early for school. I was excited because I thought it was the last week of school, but turns out we have half a week more after this so whatever. When I got to school everyone was buzzing about the election because some people in my class are 18 and so they can vote. I told them I went into the booth and “voted” with my mom and when I told them whom I voted before they all were really shocked and laughed a lot and said I was the only socialist from the US that they’d ever met. During the day nothing super interesting happened, but then my mom came to pick me up at lunch because Maxi and my two exchange friends Katie (not the same Katie, this one goes to a different school) and Sally. She dropped us off at the bus terminal and we took a bus up to Santiago. We then took the metro to Costanera Center (I was the only one who had been before and the only one confident navigating the metro and it made me feel really proud of how far I’d come since being completely new and foreign here. When we got to Costanera, Katie, Sally, and I went to look at dresses in H&M because we were going to a formal party on Wednesday night. Maxi had come with us to look for cell phone cases for his new iPhone 5s, so he left us. I actually felt really bad for him today because he came to the mall not only with a bunch of girls, but with a bunch of girls who speak English. He was really nice about it and didn’t complain or rush us, but I still apologized to him a lot after. Anyway, we shopped in H&M for about two hours and tried on like millions of things until we each found a dress that we liked. Then we walked around the mall and shopped a little more before meeting up with Maxi to help him choose his perfect case. Then we all went over to this ice cream shop called Emporio de la Rosa, which was voted to be one of the top ten best ice cream restaurants in the WORLD!! Obviously we couldn’t pass up ice cream from there, so we all got double scoops and ate it as we walked back down to the metro. We got to the metro around 7, which is peak travel time, and the thing was absolutely packed. It was kind of intimidating and also scary because my mom always says there is a lot of crime in the metro, so we were careful to be vigilant and guard our bags. I feel like we are more susceptible to crime because people hear us speaking English and assume we are ignorant gringos who would be easy to steal from and they’re kind of right.
Anyway, we got to the bus station and took a bus back to Rancagua where my dad picked us all up and dropped Sally and Katie off at their houses. Maxi, Eric, and I got home around 10:30 and Nancy had dinner waiting for us on the table. We ate fast while we told them about our day, and I didn’t end up going to sleep until around 12.

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