Friday, November 29, 2013

Thursday, November 14

Today at school was pretty standard. In sports (I have track) we had a party instead of exercising, so we went into the theater and everyone brought food and we ate and watched a movie. Then after school, Chichi, Marianna, Stefano, and I walked to my house because the car battery died and my mom couldn’t pick us up. We were going to film their project for English class. Their idea was for it to be about a serial killer who went around hitting people with a spoon until they died. It was pretty hilarious and I had a great time filming it with them.
After Mariana and Stefano left, Chichi and I hung out for a while and watched videos on YouTube and talked with my mom. They were just talking, but what they said really bothered me actually. Chichi was Cristobal’s best friend, and so obviously they were reminiscing about him and how much they missed him. Then they started laughing about how he was going to come back super cold and rude like other Americans. I know they didn’t mean it as a direct insult but that’s how I took it. I just felt so not good enough. They all just seemed like they want Cristobal back and would rather have him than me. And I’m sorry that I’m not used to kissing people on the cheek to greet them, but that is not a part of my culture and I can’t completely change that in just 3 months. I didn’t grow up the same way and I’m not the same but that doesn’t make me cold and rude and not as good as their son. I probably took it a little too hard because I’m really sensitive but that’s how I was feeling. Just because I sometimes forget to kiss people on the cheek when I greet them and say goodbye does not mean that I love them any less. I guess I just wish they were a little more sensitive to the fact that their culture is very different from mine and that I’m all alone here and trying my best to absorb all the changes. I decided to make more of an effort to start talking to the family as much as possible, so after I dried my hair I went out to talk to my mom and Maxi for a while. I actually really like the long conversations we have, it just sucks that they always happen so late at night. I didn’t get to sleep until like midnight.

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