Friday, November 29, 2013

Tuesday, November 26

Today at school was a good day. Now they’re just doing review which basically means they’re doing nothing so we just talk the whole class period. After school, I walked over to Instituto O’Higgins and met up with Katie. We sat outside and drank soda and talked for like an hour and a half and then went into the school to teach an English class. There was awkwardly no one waiting for the class and Katie was really confused until she realized that the class was supposed to start at 4 and not 4:30 and that everyone had already left. There was only one girl left, and so we apologized and then taught the class to just her and her friend. We basically just had a conversation with them in a mix of English and Spanish, but it was still fun. Then a few of Katie’s friends came over and sat with us and eventually my friend Jose came over too. We all just ended up switching to Spanish and talking and joking around for a while. I love Katie’s friends and they are really hilarious! Around 5:30, I walked into the center and took a micro home. It was actually the first time I’d taken a micro alone, even though I’ve been in them about a million times. When I got home, my cousin Maria Jesus was there, and so I talked to her and Maxi for a really long time. Then we sat down to dinner with my grandparents who had been staying with us like a week, and we had a super long conversation about the trip to the South that I’m leaving for on Saturday. I really liked talking to Maxi and it was one of those conversations where I actually feel close to him. Then Maria Jesus and I walked to the Jumbo to buy peanut butter because I wanted to make peanut butter cookies for my class because tomorrow is my last day of school. We got the peanut butter and walked back and then made the cookies. After completely burning the first batch to a blackened crisp that stunk up the whole house because I was in the shower, I became more vigilant and made the two other batches really well. Then my grandma taught us how to make apple pie. By that time it was really late, and so I quickly dried my hair and went to sleep.

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