Sunday, November 10, 2013

Saturday, October 26

This Saturday I had to wake up early. My mom had invited me to an arts and crafts fair in Santiago (she’s a designer and art teacher so she goes every year to get ideas and buy materials), and I invited my friend and fellow Californian Sally to come with. My mom had also invited a bunch of her students, so she actually ended up renting a bus to take all 15 of us up to Santiago. We left around 9 in the morning, and got to the art fair around 10:30. Sally and I split off and walked around the expo by ourselves. It was a fair to buy materials for crafts, to buy clothes and handmade goods, and to pay for craft tutorials where you could make things for yourself.
We looked around for a long time, and then we met up with my mom and the rest of the group to have lunch around 1. The whole expo was under one giant tent, and in the corner there was a little cafeteria where they sold food and snacks. After lunch, Sally and I bought some fruit and took it outside to walk around and talk because we were kind of done with arts and crafts.
We sat on the grass for a while and ate our fruit, and then we walked on a trail nearby until we came across this fun little exercise station and played there for a while. Then we kept walking and found a cool restaurant with flags from a bunch of countries and really cute decorations. Obviously we had to stop and take pictures with the American flag.
Then we went back to the expo and walked around until we decided on a craft to make. We made these really cute boxes with paint that makes it look like stained glass. The craft should have taken about half an hour, but being the perfectionists we are, we stretched it to almost 2 hours.
After being seated under that tent in the summer heat for so long, we decided to go get some ice cream to cool off. We found this super weird popsicle called Lenguix, which is a regular popsicle until you start licking it, and then it turns all floppy and weird—like it has the exact texture and flexibility of a human tongue. Naturally, we laughed about all of the possibilities for sexual jokes that this yielded itself to, and took lots of pictures.
After we finished, it was around 7, and the group decided it was time to leave. We started driving home, and then stopped at a restaurant along the way to eat some dinner. We got home around 11, and I was absolutely dead tired. Sally’s dad picked her up and I went straight to sleep. I really loved hanging out with Sally all day. She is super sweet, and I feel like I can tell her anything. I also really admire her optimism. You can never be in a bad mood when you’re around Sally because she is just so happy and positive that it’s contagious. I want to start spending more time with her!

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