Sunday, November 10, 2013

Saturday, November 2

Today we slept in until like 10 and then Cata’s mom came and woke us up because we had to get ready to leave. We ate breakfast, got ready, and packed up. We said a big thank you to Cata’s grandparents (and I told them I definitely want to come back in the summer), and we got on the road around 11:30. We stopped off in Santiago to drop off Gabs and Rosario because their parents were there. Then I went home with Cata’s family. My family was in Talca and wouldn’t be returning until Sunday, so I was going to stay with Cata that night. When we got home it was late afternoon and so I was pretty hungry. Cata’s mom quickly made lunch and we sat down to eat a big meal. I never have to worry about food when I’m around Cata’s family because they feed me so much!!! After lunch Cata and I walked over to the park near her house and played on the exercise equipment for a while. Then we went home and watched TV for a little bit before walking to the movie theater(it's like a 30 minute walk but I was feeling fat after lunch and I like talking to Cata so it passed quickly). We saw Gravity, which was actually a really good movie. Then we walked home and ate dinner with Cata’s family. After dinner, a few of her aunts and uncles came over to visit with her parents, and while they were talking, Cata, Mary, and I cooked a dessert called suspiro limeno, and then played rockband for a while.
They always wanted me to be the singer because they were so shocked that I actually knew the words to all the songs and could sing them without an accent. Too bad I have such a terrible voice that it hurts to listen to me sing for too long. It was kind of interesting for me to think back on the person I was in the US and realize that I never would have had the guts to sing at the top of my lungs in front of a bunch of Cata’s family members that I had just met, but now I really don’t care. I guess I’m a lot more confident with myself now. After we played for about an hour, we were all dead tired and it was late, so Cata and I went upstairs to her room and watched some TV and then fell asleep. By the way, today was my 3 month anniversary in Chile! Time is flying by so fast it’s making my head spin!

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