Saturday, November 30, 2013

Friday, November 29

Although I had gone to bed around 1 the night before (which is early for here), I was really tired in the morning, and I was actually still sleeping when my friends Chichi and Ale burst into my room and woke me up to teach them how to make American style pancakes. I
took a quick shower to wake me up, and then we talked for a while before we started cooking. We grilled pancakes for like 3 hours because each time one was ready, someone from my family would ask for it, or we would eat it, and there seemed to never be enough chocolate chip pancakes with maple syrup to go around.
After a while, we just sat down at the table and ate and talked for a while. I really like these girls, and I think they’re a lot like I am (or like  I was in the US because honestly  I don’t know how  I am now), which I can’t say about too many people here. After they left, I walked to the Jumbo and shopped for some necessities for my trip to the south tomorrow (like jeans and a warm scarf). Then I came home and helped Sra Adela get all the Christmas decorations out of the attic. Later, I took a micro over to the movie theater and saw Catching Fire with my friend Camilla.
Being with Camilla is kind of stressful because she definitely doesn’t try to talk slower or use easier words to make me understand. I always have to be on my toes to understand her, but I kind of like it because I know it makes my Spanish better. She’s also super sweet (she doesn’t go to my school but she’s like best friends with my friend Lila), and I hope I can see a lot more of her this summer. After the movie, we walked outside and I saw a girl I knew. We talked for a while, and then I saw a couple that I know walk by and we talked for a while too. It was kind of cool to see all these people who are so familiar to me now whom I didn’t even know existed 4 months ago. Camilla dropped me off at home, and nobody else was in the house, the gate was locked, and my cell had run out of battery, so I had no choice but to climb over the pointy and dangerous gate to get into the house. Once I did that without killing myself, I sat in my room and listened to music for a while before talking to Jose over Skype for like 2 hours. Then I went to sleep after a day well spent.

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