Monday, November 11, 2013

Saturday, November 9

Today I finally got to sleep in a little bit which was really necessary because I have been so tired this week. Around 10:30, my mom, sister, my mom’s friend, and I piled into the car and went to the school to set up my mom’s stand for the Kermesse. Everything was being set up—there were games, food booths, a few little rides, a big tent with tables, a stage with live music, and a bazaar of venders selling their stuff (clothes, cupcakes, and art classes by my mom). I waited around with my mom for a while helping set up and everything, and then I went to help my friend Lorenza with the junior grade’s booth. Then I went to watch Monse and the rest of the younger classes perform in a big show in front of the whole school. The theme of the show and of the whole Kermesse was "amigos de la tierra" so the show was all ecologically themed.
After a while, the rest of my friends came and I went off with some of them. Basically the whole 8 hours that I was at the Kermesse I just hung out with people, walked around, talked, ate some yummy empanadas and way too many desserts, listened to a 70 year old Chilean man murder Queen’s greatest hits.
Although there really wasn’t much to do, I had a great time and I got a chance to hang out with some people that I usually don’t talk to, and I really liked spending time with them. It’s so much easier to talk to people outside of school, and that’s why I’m really excited for summer to come so I can invite people to do things outside of school. I had a great time with Daniel, Pablo, Camilla (who is actually from another school), Katie, Cata, Coti, Vicente, Fernanda, Lila, Chichi, Ale, Isa, Jose, and more people I might be forgetting. Some of those people I don’t talk to at all in school, so it was fun to talk to them and find out that they’re actually really cool! After the Kermesse ended, we packed up my mom’s stand and finally went home.
I was supposed to go to a party that night, but I was dead tired, so I decided to stay in with my siblings. We had a movie night—Soy el Numero 4 and Que Pena Tu Vida (which is actually a Chilean movie filmed in Santiago). By the time we finished I was barely able to keep my eyes open even though it was only like 1, so I went to sleep early on a Saturday night.

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