Friday, November 29, 2013

Sunday, November 17

Today was a super lazy Sunday. I got up around 11:30 and got ready slowly, then went and cooked Pan de Pascua (which is a Christmas specialty here that I think is basically fruit cake although I’ve never tried a fruit cake in the US). Monse and I played computer games for a while and then watched Pocahontas in Spanish. Then we all ate lunch together and talked for a while. After lunch I Skyped for a little while with Ana and Emily. We did a group Skype and it was really cool because I actually felt like I was with them and I realized how much I missed the easy conversation and jokes and just miss them.
 After, I went with my mom and dad to vote. The presidential election is today. I was surprised to find out that men and women have to go to separate places to vote and that voting is mandatory for those 18 and older, not optional. I entered with my mom into the little voting booth and she marked her choices (Michelle Bachelet, socialist and former president) and closed up the four little envelopes with lickable stamps. Then we walked out and put each envelope into a separate box. That was the voting process. After we went to vote, we stopped to get ice cream with Monse and Eric. Then we came home, I talked to my friends over Skype, went for a run, ate a long dinner while talking to my family, and then went to sleep.

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