Friday, November 29, 2013

Saturday, November 16

Today I woke up late and took my time showering and getting ready.  I watched TV with Monse for a while and then Maxi and I played Fifa 14. He tried to teach me how to play, but I am really really terrible at videogames and I lost 4-0. Then I helped Sra Adela make lunch and we talked for a while. Around 2, my friend Jose came over and ate lunch with the family. It was the first time they met and my family fell in love with him. He went on exchange for two years in a row, so obviously he has a lot of incredible stories, and he’s also really smart and can hold a conversation about almost any topic. They talked for about 3 hours! Then Jose and I left and walked over to the Jumbo. We were going to take a micro to his house and then go for a bike ride, but it was really hot outside and we were lazy so we just went to the Jumbo and bought drinks and then went to the park and sat and talked for a while. Later, we went back to his house and I got to meet his whole family. Then we went upstairs and he showed me pictures and videos from his exchange.
I love seeing all the amazing places he’s been and things he’s done and it just makes me more excited to travel and see the whole world one day. Around 10:30 we went to a sushi restaurant to meet up with Chichi and Matias. We all ate sushi together and had a great time talking and laughing. I finally feel like I can be part of a group and part of a conversation without weighing down the conversation too much by always asking for an explanation of words. Around 12 we were ready to leave and we had all been invited to a party that night, so we decided to go check it out. Jose didn’t go because he was super tired and had to wake up early the next morning. Chichi, Matias (who has his license), and I drove over to our friend Joaco’s house. When we got to the party I found that only like 3 people I knew were there and they were all having some sort of drama that I did not want to be involved in, so I was basically left alone in a sea of strangers. I decided to just go socialize with random people and I ended up having like an hour long conversation with 3 really nice guys. I love meeting new people here because everyone is just so friendly and willing to talk. Around 2 Chichi and Matias told me it was time to leave (even though I was really enjoying myself and didn’t want to go yet). I got back to the house and sat and talked with my mom and Maxi (I have no idea why they were still awake) until like 3:30 and then crashed into bed.

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