Sunday, November 10, 2013

Sunday, October 27

Today I woke up late. When I got up, I showered and got ready, and then I made French toast for my family. They had been skyping with Cristobal the past week and he told them about this wonderful new food called French toast that they all just had to try. I was shocked that they never had eaten it, so I cooked it immediately. Then I realized that we didn’t have any maple syrup, so, after describing it in detail, I sent my mom to the Jumbo to buy it. She had never heard of it before, and there was literally only one brand on a tiny shelf in the Jumbo, and it cost $10, but we got it. They ate the French toast and really enjoyed it. They yelled at me for not making enough, so I think I have to make some more soon.
After breakfast, which was really lunch because we ate it at like 12, my friend Jose came and picked me up and I went over to his house for an asado. His family is really nice, and they’ve had a lot of exchange students in the past so they know exactly what I’m going through. We ate a great lunch (they made chicken for me so I wouldn’t have to eat beef), and then Jose and I watched TV and talked for a while. I love talking to him because he has so many amazing stories from his two years of exchange. He has seen so much of the world and done so many things, and just hearing him talk about it all is really interesting. I went straight from Jose’s house to my Rotary counselor Monchito’s house because he had invited all the exchange students in Rancagua over for a dinner to get to know us. Daniel, Katie, Sally, and another Katie who goes to a school nearby were there. They were all super nice, and it was a nice break to be able to speak in English with them for a while. We made plans to start doing more fun stuff with the exchange students. It was also really nice to finally actually meet Monchito. I had been kind of angry that he really wasn’t doing anything as my counselor, but he was really nice today, and he basically said that if I ever need anything, at anytime, all I have to do is call him. I want to strengthen my relationship with him. After we got home, I cooked dinner with my mom, and then we all ate together. We had a nice long 2 hour conversation. I really like talking to my family around the dinner table because I feel like I always learn new things. Then I showered and got ready for school the next day.

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