Friday, November 29, 2013

Friday, November 22

Today was actually a really good day. I feel like my Spanish has improved to the point where I understand almost everything people say when they talk in a group. At school we took a partner test in Physics, and while I did the test my partner took pictures of my work and sent it to the class group so they could all cheat off of me. I felt really proud! After school I went home and packed up my stuff because we were spending the weekend at a family friend’s birthday party in Mellipilla, which is countryside kind of on the side of Santiago. We packed up and it took forever to get out of the house like it always does. Another two cousins are getting baptized this weekend, and although I don’t know them well I wrote each of them cards and put in postcards from California and one of my USA pins for each of them. We got on the road but we were all really hungry, so we stopped at the gas station to get sandwiched and empanadas. Then we drove up to Santiago to pick up our family friends who are also going to the birthday party. I was super excited to spend some more time with Carolina (caro) who is 14 but acts a lot older and is like literally the most welcoming person on the planet. We talked for a while and when we finally got to the big country house in Mellipilla and met like 20 people already there she went around and introduced me to all the new faces. They all immediately crowded around me and asked me a million questions and made me feel really loved and at home. We sat down at this huge long table and ate dinner together all 25 of us! There were like 5 young girls Monse’s age who absolutely adored me, and then there were the big kids—Maxi, me, Caro, Nacho (17), Eva (14), Felipe (18), Sebastian (22), and Nicole (20).
They were all super nice and we stood outside in the patio while the adults started setting up for the birthday party that would happen the next night and talked for like3 hours. By then it was 3 am and I was dead tired, so Caro and I went to our room and went to sleep.

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