Thursday, April 3, 2014

Wednesday, March 19

Today I woke up feeling absolutely terrible. I couldn’t stop coughing, so I asked Nancy if I could skip first period and have her drive me into school at 9:30 so I could be there before 9:50 which is when my Calculus test would start (the math teacher is crazy mean to anyone who comes late especially on test days). She agreed, and I lay in my bed and drank tea for a while trying to stop coughing. The cough passed after a while and I changed into my uniform and got ready to go. I realized that I had left my shoes, skirt, and backpack in the car yesterday when I changed to go to the bus station. I sat on the couch waiting for Nancy to come get me until 9:50. Then I finally called her and asked what was up and why she was so late and she said she had been detained in the doctor’s office and that I should walk out of the villa, cross the big street out there, and walk a little ways down the road so it would be easier and faster for her to pick me up.
So, I took my notebooks and my lunchbox and walked down a main road in Rancagua in a school polo shirt, spandex shorts that are supposed to go under the skirt, long gray socks, and beat up white tennis shoes. You can imagine the looks and the honks that people gave me. I ended up getting to school late anyway (I put on the skirt and proper shoes in the car), but the calculus teacher didn’t yell at me and let me take the test in the inspectoria so I didn’t have to enter the classroom and disrupt the people are testing. At school I didn’t do anything special, and then after school I went with Nancy, Abelita, Monse, Laurie, and Vicente to the center to buy supplies for Laurie’s birthday party. We first went to buy decorations (all Violetta, who is the Hannah Montana of Latin America themed), and then we went to this giant bargain candy store. It was really impressive the amount of candy there was in the store and more impressive how much we bought for just 20 little girls at the party.

We made a few more stops, and by the time we got home I had a headache and wanted nothing more than to drink some tea and go to sleep. That’s not what ended up happening though. First, we all ate dinner together, including Joaquin and Tia Ximena, who hadn’t come shopping with us. Then I excused myself early from the table to go Skype with my mom. We talked for almost two hours and it was much needed. I love her so much and I look up to her and although I’m not homesick and don’t want to go home, I do miss her hugs and her advice and the way she has absolute trust in me and I have the same in her. Anyway, we talked until late and then after we hung up I went to sleep immediately.

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