Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Wednesday, April 2

Today was another normal day at school. After school I literally got home and Mariana immediately called me and told me that I had to change my clothes for the party tonight and meet her at the Jumbo right away. Tomorrow is senior ditch day, so there is a giant all night party at our friend Vale’s rancho tonight and I was going to go with Mariana. I quickly changed clothes, packed a backpack full of sweatshirts and blankets because it was going to be freezing at night, and walked to the Jumbo to meet up with Ale, Mariana, Isa, Vicente, and Saa. We all walked through the whole Jumbo buying food and stuff for the night. We were literally going to be there until the morning, so we needed a lot of food. After we bought everything, Isa, Ale, Mariana, and I walked over to Mariana’s house to cook a microwave pizza and get ready for the party. We talked for a while, and they gossiped to me about a bunch of things I did not know about my classmates, and then we ate pizza and Ale and Isa had to leave to get ready at their own houses. After they left, Mariana and I put on makeup quickly before Fernanda and her mom arrived to pick us up.
We piled into the tiny car with all the food and our backpacks full of warm clothes, and we drove out all the way to the rancho, which is about 40 minutes away, but we got lost so many times that it took us over an hour to arrive. We were one of the first people to arrive, so we sat around for a while talking to Vale and a few friends that were already there. Little by little more people started arriving until the ranch was packed with about 70 classmates. We sat around and talked for a while, and then everyone started playing this huge drinking game, and I realized that tonight was going to be an interesting night. Everyone seemed to really want to get drunk. They will sometimes choose people who have full cups and start singing this song and refuse to stop until the person chugs their entire cup. Obviously I’ve seen that before, but never so often. Although my friends know that I don’t drink, they tried really hard to get me to get drunk with them at this party. I resisted though and after a little while they were too drunk to keep trying. About an hour later, there were a bunch of people stumbling around, barfing in the bathroom, or sleeping on the picnic tables in the forest nearby. The rest of us who were normal decided to dance. We put on reggaeton and danced for a long time. That was a lot of fun because I’ve totally stopped caring about what people think of my dancing and really just enjoy it and have fun. We danced and talked and I took care of a couple people who were throwing up in the bathroom until it was about 5 in the morning and freezing cold and all I wanted was to sit by the fire.
I sat with Pablo and Nico by the fire and we talked for a long time. Those guys are really awesome and hilarious. We even talked in English for a while, something I have never done before with them, and it was pretty cool to have the upper hand for once. They’re nerds, but they’re really awesome nerds, and I feel like every time I’m with them I learn something new and it’s always fun. Anyway, as more people started returning from the forest (either having woken up from passing out or from going to sleep because it was late and they were tired), and they all joined the people who were around the fire. Around 8, Fernanda’s mom came to pick us up, and I literally almost shut my eyes and fell asleep in the car, but I endured until I got home and into my bed to go to sleep. I didn’t even bother taking off my party clothes even though they smelled disgustingly strongly of smoke because there were so many people smoking all night and I had been sitting next to the fire.

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