Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Friday, March 28

Today, finally Friday, was basically a day of nothing at school. The only fun thing that happened was that I ate lunch with my friends from B, which I’ve done a few times now, and I felt really accepted by all of them and we had a great time. They are the kind of people that I miss from the US—the kind that are always willing to go out and do something and not too lazy to be bothered to do lame and stupid stuff. After school I went home and Skyped with my dad for the first time in like 3 months. It was really great to talk to him, and just hearing him talk about going to Mexico got be really excited to go. I want to go out to the clubs that I’ve heard him talk about for like 10 years and meet his friends and be able to make my own friends down there. I feel like now that I actually speak Spanish, Mexico will become a whole new and awesome place for me. Around 5:30, I changed out of my uniform and walked over to the Jumbo to meet Mariana and Stefano. We took a micro into Machali to find this all you can eat sushi restaurant that Mariana knew about. Except then they got confused on the micro and we ended up getting off on the side of the main road and walking like 20 minutes one way and then asking directions and having to turn around and walk back the other way but after a very long adventure we finally ended up at the sushi restaurant.  We ate and talked and laughed until our stomachs hurt (probably hurt from the mass quantity of sushi we consumed).
They laughed really hard when I ordered tap water because that’s like unheard of in Chile, but I do it anyway because I don’t want to pay for or drink soda all the time. After sushi, Stefano’s mom picked him up and Mariana and I started walking over to the movie theater to get a collectivo home.
After I got home, I realized how tired and lazy I was feeling, so I downloaded Divergent the movie on my computer (I was really proud that I had even found a version of the movie with Spanish subtitles) and started watching it. Mariana was supposed to call me when she found us a ride to the party that the school was having tonight, but I was tired and I kind of would have been fine with it if she hadn’t called me at all. She did though, and I walked over to her house and then we walked together over to Augustin’s house to meet up with Augustin, Vicente, Ale, Cata, and Ica to go to the party. People had told me how lame Instituto Ingles parties are, but I was still shocked when I got there. There were literally 7th graders walking around in skimpy tops smoking cigarettes. We walked around for a while talking and saying hi to people (we met up with Fernanda too), and then we tried to go dance, but the music was so bad and the 7th grade pair dancing next to me freaked me out so much that we gave up. There was a blow up mechanical bull, and Mariana and I got on it and rode together. Needless to say, we fell off in like 2 seconds. Around 12:30, we were totally over it and I was ready to go home and sleep. Cata’s mom came and picked us all up and we went home and I went immediately to bed.

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