Thursday, April 3, 2014

Friday, March 14

Today I woke up around 9 and I knew right away that I was sick. My throat felt like there were nails digging into it, and my head was throbbing. I think not sleeping at all during the trip finally caught up with me. I unpacked my suitcase, separated out all the presents I had bought for my family—a scrunchie for Monse, coasters for Eric, cactus jelly and a magnet for Nancy, a magnet for Sra Adela, and a pencil case for Maxi. Then Abelita and Tata arrived from Talca and we all had lunch together (except Maxi and Monse because they were at school). After lunch, I went into the center to fix the screen of the iPhone Cristobal had lent me because Nancy decided she wanted to send it to Cristobal. I was kind of annoyed that she would send it to him and leave me without a phone, but  I guess it was his in the first place so whatever. While it was being fixed, I went to the food court of the mall nearby and wrote in my blog. After about an hour I went to go pick up the phone and then took a collectivo home. When I got home, Maxi was packing up his suitcase for the US because we were leaving for Santiago that night. We had a quick pizza dinner and then I just chilled in my room while they did all the crazy packing. Maxi is going to meet up with my parents in LA while he’s there, so I gave him some T-shirts that I had been saving for them and then I wrote a hand written letter for them. I wrote the same letter in both Spanish and English—one for my dad and one for my mom. Then we loaded up the car and rode to Santiago with the car absolutely full—me, Maxi, Monse, Laurie, Vicente, Joaquin, Nancy, Tata, Abelita, Tia Ximena, and Nancy driving. I still felt like crap and was coughing a ton, so I slept the whole way there, and when we arrived at Tia Irma’s house, I went immediately to sleep.

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