Thursday, April 3, 2014

Thursday, March 27

I woke up again around 11, changed into my school uniform, and took a collectivo to school. I arrived after the second class. School was fun, even though I was really tired from such an irregular sleep last night. I stayed until 4:30 because I had sports (I’m in track). Then Nancy came and picked me up and when I got home I really just wanted to sleep. I relaxed in my room for a while and worked on my blog, and then I went for a run. I haven’t been running lately because I’ve been sick and my throat hurts way too much, but I couldn’t really take it anymore so I just ran anyway. After the run, I Skyped for a little while with Louis’s Chilean friend Leandro who went on exchange to New Zealand, and it was kind of cool to talk to him in Spanish (because I usually only speak English over Skype) but it was also really awkward because I met him only once before and only for like 5 minutes. After we Skyped, I went and took a shower, and then went to sleep early to recover from the weirdness of the night before.

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