Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Monday, April 7

Today I had to get up early for school. Nothing too exciting happened at school. After school, I got home and started packing up my room. It was really sad to take all the pictures off the walls and put all my clothes into my suitcase. I will be changing houses and changing families in two days, so I needed to start packing today. One thing is abundantly clear, I am either going to need to throw away about half my stuff, or buy a third suitcase for all the things I want to bring home with me. After packing, I ate once with Monse and Maxi, and then went out for a run. I showered and then played Rio the video game with Monse for a little while. Then I Skyped with Emily, Skyped with my mom, and finally went to sleep around 11.

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