Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Thursday, April 10

Today I woke up at 6:30 instead of my normal 7. Now my morning routine is a little longer because I have to make my bed and clean up my room before I leave, and also because I have to sit down and eat like a 15 minute breakfast. At school, nothing special happened. At 3, I left school and went to meet p with Louis. We walked all the way to the Jumbo to get him a haircut. He wanted me with him because he didn’t know how to tell the lady how he wanted his hair cut in Spanish, and I had time to kill anyway, so I agreed. After the haircut, I took a collectivo back to the center to meet up with Pablo. We walked around for a while and went to the technical service that I always go to to get his phone fixed. On the way back, we were walking in the street and we passed a carabinero (police officer) standing there watching over everything. He said hi to me and I said hi and kept walking without thinking. Then he said “como estas?” and I turned around because I was confused as to why this random man would ask me how I am. He said “you don’t remember me do you?” Apparently, he had been sitting in the row in front of me at the National Police Band concert I had been to a few weeks before with Manuel. We stood there talking about everything from his job to where I’ve traveled in Chile to Finding Nemo. After we said goodbye to him, Pablo commented on how I had friends in literally all places after being in Chile for only 8 months. I kind of think that’s true and I really like it that I know people from all different walks of life. I know the guy who plays the recorder in the center and begs people for money, and I know the police man there who yells at him to leave people alone. I took a collectivo successfully back to my house (it’s a little harder now because I can’t just get in and say “take me to the Jumbo”). Manuel was outside smoking, and I sat with him and we talked for a while until Lilian got home from work around 6:30. I went up and changed clothes, and then we all went together to the Jumbo. We went to the coffee shop there called Berezzi, and sat and had cafĂ© cortado and talked for a while. I shared a lot about me, and they shared stories about them, and we just kind of got to know each other. Then we drove home and had once together, and talked more. It’s a really nice feeling to be the only child again. I feel like I can talk freely about anything and I like not having to fight to be heard. Honestly, I think I like being the center of attention at family dinners. I feel much more comfortable in the role of an only child. After dinner, I went up to my room, took a shower, and went to sleep around 11.

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