Thursday, April 3, 2014

Friday, February 28

Today I woke up late, and then spent a few hours writing to UCLA scholarship essays that  I had been procrastinating on and that were due today. For lunch, we ate humitas outside on the patio. Then I showered, dressed up, and got ready for the joint birthday party that Cata and I were having at Cata’s house that night. I walked over to the Jumbo to meet Pablo so we could help each other pick out birthday presents for Cata. I got her a really cute pink pillow in the shape of a heart. Then I took a collectivo over to Cata’s to help her set up for the party. There was so much food to put out on the tables, and I was shocked when she pulled out beers to serve. Her mom seemed completely fine with the fact that underage kids would be drinking beer in her house. Slowly, people started arriving for the party.
We sat around the table and talked and caught up. They were mostly people from Cata’s class (she had invited the whole class and I had decided not to invite too many people because I didn’t want it to become awkward with a bunch of groups of people who aren’t really friends), so it was nice to catch up with people I hadn’t seen all summer. I shared the gum and Sour Patch Kids that I had brought from the US. We played Just Dance inside for a while. They sang to Cata and I and we all ate cake. I love realizing how much I missed the people there and also how much they missed me. Around 12, some people left and the rest of us went up to Cata’s room to change our clothes and get ready to go out to a party at a club called Sunshine.
We got there around 1 with Saa, Stefano, Heian, Isa, Ale, Cata, Amaya (Cata’s friend from San Fernando), Isi, Mari, and Rosario. We danced for a while, and had a great time. The girls all made a pact to stay together and not go off and dance with guys, which actually made it a lot more fun.
Around 3:30, Cata’s mom picked Cata, Amaya, and I up and we went back to Cata’s house and went straight to sleep without even talking that much because we were all so tired.

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