Thursday, April 3, 2014

Saturday, March 1

Today, Cata, Amaya, and I woke up around 12 and then laid in bed talking and watching TV for a while. We brought breakfast up to Cata’s room and ate it in bead. Then I decided I should probably get back to my house to say goodbye to my cousins before they went back to Talca. When Cata’s mom dropped me off at home, I discovered that everyone had left the house and only Josefa, Monse, and Maxi were there. Josefa asked me if we could make pie de limon. Although I’d never actually made it by myself before, I was willing to try, and os I got out the recipe I had written down (in Spanish) on my second day in Chile, and we started to cook. We actually did pretty well, but at one point I wasn’t sure how to make the merengue to put on top, so I asked Maxi if he knew. He proceeded to preside over the entire rest of the process silently judging me and telling me that I was doing everything wrong. I just felt like he was being a real know-it-all, and when Nancy finally arrived and saw the pie, she told me it was perfect. I just wish Maxi wasn’t so critical of everything I do. Anyway, once everyone was home, we all ate humitas for lunch outside together. Then we basically just relaxed and did nothing until the cousins left for Talca. I hung out with Pascale, Pau and Rodrigos little baby who was born on the same day I arrived in Chile and is now huge and adorable and almost 8 months old. When it finally came time for them to leave, Flo was so adorable. She grabbed onto me and wouldn’t let go and said she would miss me too much. She is basically the most adorable little thing I’ve ever met. After they left, nobody was really in the mood to do anything, so Monse and I watched movies together, and then Maxi, Nancy, and I sat in the kitchen and talked for a long time while we put tomato sauce and cheese on bread to make “pizza”. We ate the pizza when Eric got home from work around 11:30, and we were all in bed by 1. 

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