Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Wednesday, April 16

Today after school, I met up with Louis and we walked over to the Jumbo. He took some money out of the ATM and I didn’t really put together what he was doing until I realized that he had taken enough money out to buy himself an iPhone 5 (I thought he was going to pay for it with a credit card). We literally walked into the Apple store and put $1,000 in Chilean bills down on the table. It was crazy and overwhelming to see all that money and dangerous and also kind of hilarious because it wasn’t my money.
Then we walked back to school (Louis to his house), and I met up with Pablo. We walked into the center to get his phone fixed at the technical service place. Then we walked back through the center to the mall, where he bought me a little Perry el Hornitorinco balloon on a stick because I had told him that the only way I liked to hit people was with balloons. Needless to say, I walked around the rest of the day hitting him with the balloon. We sat down in the center to watch a drum circle of people trying to raise money to help those affected by the fire in Valparaiso. Then Pablo walked me all the way back through the center so I could get a collectivo back to my house. I always have so much fun with Pablo, and even though we’re speaking Spanish, I feel like with him I can actually express my weirdo self and sense of humor and he’ll still understand me. I always end up laughing so hard that I cry when we’re together. At home, I spent a long time on college research, ate once with the family (once always lasts like 2 hours now because we sit talking for so long), and then went to sleep.

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