Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Tuesday, April 1

Today was another average day at school. We had physical education, and then art until 4:30. I really don’t like art. Basically I can’t draw or even copy drawings or do anything artistic at all and it frustrates me so I just spend the whole class talking to friends. After art, Chichi and I changed out of our Pe clothes, dropped our backpacks in Nancy’s car, and walked into the center. On the way we met up with Louis. Louis and Chichi had both invited me to the center that day and I didn’t want to say no to either, so I just made us a group and hoped it wouldn’t be awkward. Basically I spoke English to Louis and Spanish to Chichi and they communicated through Chichi’s English and Louis’s hand gestures. But it wasn’t awkward at all and we had a great time and basically laughed all afternoon. First we went to the post office and I mailed some letters I had written to my friends in the States. Then we walked a long way down to the Rodoviario (another bus terminal) and Chichi got her iphone fixed at a shop there. Then we got lost on the way back to the center but eventually got to the main street and went to a shoe store to get Louis new running shoes. After we had finished all our errands, we went to the mall to get some soda and then Louis said goodbye to us and walked home while Chichi and I took a collectivo to my house. While we were walking home, we had a really deep talk about important things, and I realized how much I’ve missed having a friend (besides my exchange friends who speak English) who I trust enough to talk about anything with. She is a really good friend and a really amazing person and I love Chichi a lot. We ate bread with cheese for dinner, and then looked up hot guys on Facebook for a while before she left. I showered quickly, Skyped with my mom for a while, and then hung up early and went right to sleep because all the late nights were catching up with me and I was dead tired.

PS: I totally forgot today was April Fools Day until my friend Nico reminded me by hiding my backpack during sports. I guess he’s a better gringo than I am hahaha considering I didn’t do a single prank today.

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