Thursday, April 3, 2014

Tuesday, March 4

Today, Nancy and Maxi had to get up at like 5 in the morning to drive to Santiago, so Eric was Monse and my only ride to school. He had to leave for work at 7, so we had to wake up early and be ready to leave at 6:55. We got to school around 7:05 (it starts at 8) and there was literally no one there.
The high school patio was actually dark, and the classroom doors were locked.
Monse and I waited around together for like a half an hour before people started arriving. Today was the start of actual classes and classwork. We had 3 classes, and then left at 12:50. Nancy drove me, Isa, and Ale home because I had invited them over to make pancakes. We went to my room and talked for a while, then I shared my peanut butter (Fernanda gave me a giant tub of peanut butter as a birthday present) and Sour Patch Watermelon with them. A while later, Augustin and Vicente arrived, and we all sat in my room chilling and waiting for Sra Adela to get out of the kitchen so we could use it. Augustin decided it would be a good idea to test my pepper spray by spraying it out the open window, but when some of the smell got into the room, we couldn’t take it and we had to leave. Luckily the kitchen was ready.
I started to make pancakes, but pretty soon it turned into the guys making pancakes and the girls sitting around laughing and taking pictures of men in aprons. We were all too impatient to cook a bunch of pancakes and then eat them, so every time one would be ready, we would all dive in with our forks and just attack it. Each person got like 2 bites a pancake, but we made a lot so it all worked out. After we finished the pancakes, Vicente left, Augustin and Isa went in the other room to have an intense conversation about something, and Ale and I talked for a while and washed all the dishes. Ale is a really awesome person. She’s super sweet and adorable and I love talking to her. After we finished the dishes, we went out to sit on the couch with Isa and Augustin. Isa was teaching us about how to communicate with someone through body language, and it was actually really interesting. We learned how to flirt with guys (and Augustin with girls) using only our body language. The only problem I had with having so many people over at my house was Monse. She would not leave us alone. She followed us around, interrupted the conversation to ask questions or make stupid comments, and was just downright annoying. I felt awkward because I don’t know the sibling protocol on whether I could ask her to leave or if I just had to deal with it. After a while though, Sra Adela saved me by calling Monse into the kitchen to do something. They all had to leave around 6:30. Right after they walked out the door, Nancy ran into my room telling me that she was taking Yasmin (our yorkie) over to my friend Thomas’s house because the doggie hair dresser had told Nancy that Yasmin was in heat today and Nancy wanted to breed her with Thomas’s Yorkie. I thought that was basically the funniest and most uncomfortable thing ever and that I couldn’t miss it, so I went with her and Maxi over to Thomas’s. Apparently here it’s really normal for people to breed their dogs and then sell the puppies to make money. I think that’s probably one of the reasons there are so many stray dogs in the streets but whatever. We got there and literally just put the two dogs in a room together and crossed our fingers. Thomas, Maxi, and I talked for a while and made like a million jokes about the uncomfortable situation that was unfolding on the other side of the closed door.
After a while, we decided to go in and check on them, and we found Yasmin completely ignoring Thomas’s dog and not letting him anywhere near her. We were all pretty depressed because we all wanted cute little puppies, but the breeding hadn’t worked. They decided that Yasmin’s time in heat had probably passed and that they would have to wait 6 months to try it again the next time she came into heat. We left Thomas’s house at like 9 and were home by 9:30. I took a quick shower, and then Skyped with Emily for a little while. Then, Nancy knocked on my door and told me I needed to hang up with Emily and go talk to her and Eric in the kitchen. I was actually kind of panicking because I had no idea what they wanted to tell me. They sat me down and told me that they were going to take back the cell phone they had given me at the beginning of my exchange and send it to Cristobal in the US. They needed me to go into the center and fix the screen that I had cracked. It kind of sucks that they would take away my means of communication in the middle of my exchange, but after my phone was broken for like a month I kind of got used to not having one. They also said that they had spoken with Monchito and that when I return from my trip to the North, we will be changing families and that they love me and will miss me. I didn’t really want to discuss the family change yet because I wanted to save my huge thank yous and everything for when I actually leave. I was relieved that they weren’t calling a meeting to tell me something more drastic and scary! After our little meeting, I went right to sleep.

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