Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Friday, April 4

Today I woke up for school, and when I got there all anyone was talking about was senior ditch day and who had gotten drunk and done what at the party and how all the teachers were really mad that we had skipped class and we would be punished by having to stay after school a few days to take tests. It was fun to gossip with everyone about who had done what because I had been there to see it all and some pretty hilarious things had happened. After school, I walked into the center with Rosario, who had PSU prep there, and then I left her at the mall to go meet up with Katie H and get our ears pierced. While I was walking through the center by the big fountain, I noticed that it was absolutely packed with tents and people selling feria items and typical Chilean food. There was a stage with music playing and a big tent with food vendors.
Katie W called me as I was passing by and she said “I see you; come meet my family”. So I went over to the food tent and found Katie and her dad, brother, and 2 grandmas from the US sitting at a table eating empanadas. I sat down and talked to them for a while, and then Katie H called me and told me she had to cancel so I decided to stay with them and look around the big feria.
Turns out it was all there because there is a giant rodeo (rodeo is the national sport in Chile) in Rancagua this weekend called Champion, and this was the pre celebration. We walked around for a while, and then Katie, Cameron (her brother), and I escaped for a while to go get my ear pierced. We went to this little mall in the center and to this tiny little place where they wouldn’t let Katie and Cameron go in with me because the room was too small. I sat down, and they quickly marked my ear where I wanted it up by the cartilage, and then they pierced it with a needle. It hurt when they pierced it and then a lot more as they were putting the hoop in, but it was over and done within about 10 minutes.
When I walked back out, Katie and Cam were waiting for me and Louis had joined them. We walked a little more through the center and then had to go back with Katie and Cam to meet their family. They all left to go to Katie’s house and Louis and I walked around the center a little more and stopped for an ice cream. Then around 6:30, I took a collectivo home. A little later, I walked over to the Jumbo to buy alcohol to clean my ears and to look at clothes. I got a really cute shirt for $4 and I was really excited. When I got home, I went for a run and showered, and then this girl Kaia from San Diego who will be a Rotary exchange student next year in Chile and who has asked me some questions about the country and what life is like here asked if I could Skype. We Skyped for a while and I answered some more questions about Chile and helped her translate something into Spanish that she had to do for a Rotary presentation. It was cool talking to her and remembering that I had been in the exact same place just last year. A whole lot has changed since then. After we hung up, it was like midnight, and so I decided to go to sleep early.

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