Thursday, April 3, 2014

Monday, March 24

Today I had to wake up early for school, but at school I actually had a good time. I really look forward to school now just because it means I get to be around my friends. I love them so much and I always laugh so hard around them. They’re weird and they never respond the same way to things as I would expect my American friends to respond, but I love them and they never fail to make me laugh. After school, I met up with Louis to help him with a project he had to do for history. First we went to the center so I could by my cell phone. Then we found out it was actually more expensive in the center than in the Jumbo, so we gave up on that project and tried to go to the museum that Louis had to go to for his project. The museum turned out to be closed, so we formed a new plan to go to the Jumbo and get my phone and then go to his house to just do the PowerPoint with pictures off the internet. I bought a very pretty new cell phone in the jumbo for $50 that already came with $20 of prepaid minutes/internet on it. It is a bright yellow Nokia but I don’t care I think it has character. Then we walked all the way from the Jumbo to Louis’s house, which is like 20 minutes or so. He brought me his computer, and put me to work doing his project while he made us sandwiches. It was actually a really easy project, so I just went to the museum website, copied and pasted photos, and wrote little descriptions of each photo. Then Louis tried to read what I had wrote for him, and we realized that his Spanish definitely needed some work because he couldn’t even pronounce the words I had written let alone know what they mean. We gave up and just ate sandwiches (weird New Zealand sandwiches with cheese and ketchup on top of toasted bread). Then Louis walked me home like another 15 minutes and we chilled with my mom and Monse for a little bit. Louis didn’t really talk to them though because he doesn’t speak enough Spanish to talk to them. Then he went home and I went to my room to Skype with Ana. We talked for like 2 hours until 10 at night, and by the time we hung up I was way too tired to shower so I just fell into bed and went to sleep.

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