Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Saturday, April 5

Today was Saturday, so I got to sleep in until like 10. Then I went for a run and showered and got ready for the day. Then I worked on my blog and chilled and talked to Sra Adela for a while because I had wanted to go to the rodeo during the day, but literally no one was going, so I had nothing to do (I learned later that no one was going because it cost $40 to get in). Tio Mario, Tia Ximena, Vicente, Laurie, and Joaquin joined us for lunch. Then around 5, I walked over to the Jumbo to meet Katie H. We printed out cute pictures and put them in frames as a birthday present for Katie W, and then we came back to my house to grab my stuff and then meet Louis at the bus stop by the Jumbo to get a micro over to Katie W’s house for her birthday dinner. We waited for about 40 minutes for the right micro to pass until finally I gave up and asked one of the other micro drivers what was taking so long. He told me that the micro we wanted didn’t run on this time on this day, but he nicely offered to take us somewhere free of charge where we could get the micro. We ended up arriving at Katie’s house over an hour after we left my house.
Pitu, Mery, Anto, Katie, her brother Cam, and her friend Jose from her new school were all there. We talked in a weird mix of Spanish and English while we ate tacos and cake made completely of oreo cookies.
Then we all got ready and left in 3 separate cars to go to Anto’s house for the before party. It was the before because later we were going to a giant party for the rodeo that is this weekend. At Anto’s Vale, Dani, Ale, and Ica were there, and we all got ready (they doctored their ID cards so it looked like they were 18 and allowed to enter the club) and played some drinking games (those of us who didn’t drink still played, we just only had juice in our cups) before piling into the cars again. We arrived at the club at 12. There was no one inside yet, but a lot of people standing outside talking in groups and waiting. We talked for a while, and then Ica and I went over to talk to some guys dressed like huasos nearby. Ica told them that I was her gringa friend who had never met a huaso before, and after we greeted each other, one of the guys tried to give me the saddle blanket he was carrying. He kept trying to give it to me as a gift, and I had to laugh and refuse it because I really didn’t want a saddle blanket. After a little while, we ran away. Then our group decided to go into the building. We had to get past security guards that were checking Ids to make sure everyone was over 18, and Louis and Cameron, who were both 16 and gringos, almost didn’t get in. Our friends had to beg the security guard to let them in. After we were all in, we looked around. There was a big room inside with a stage and a DJ and flashing colored lights, and then outside there was another huge stage and another DJ. We basically spent the rest of the night dancing and talking outside. I stayed with Katie, Cameron, and Louis the whole night, but we spent time with a lot of different groups, most of them were my friends from school, but we also ran into Jose, that guy from Louis’s school that I used to be friends with, and he kind of followed us around for a while asking me to dance and making things uncomfortable. As the night went on, the place got more crowded, the people got older (up to like 28), and they also got drunker and more likely to fight. By 4, we were all over it and ready to go home, so we went outside and asked a bunch of people if they had a number for a radio taxi. No one did and we were worried that we wouldn’t find a way home. We waited outside along the road until a radio taxi showed up to pick up other people, and I ran over and asked the driver to call another one for us. He did, and we ended up getting home (I was sleeping over at Katie’s grandma’s house with her) around 4:30. I was absolutely freezing cold after waiting outside so long, so we piled a bunch of blankets on the floor and went to sleep on the wood because there were no more beds available in the house.

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