Thursday, April 3, 2014

Friday, March 21

Today I got up and went to school. It was nothing interesting as usual. After school, Thomas and I walked into the center because he had to buy some textbooks. Then we went to the mall in the center to eat pizza. We ordered a huge pizza and I was sure that we wouldn’t be able to finish it all but we sat in the food court for like 3 hours talking and ended up being able to finish the whole pizza. Basically the whole 3 hours Thomas was telling me crazy stories about the stupid things he has done at parties when he’s drunk. We also gossiped about a lot of people from school. I had a great time with Thomas and I was kind of incredibly proud of myself that I had a 3 hour conversation with this kid who speaks Spanish so fast and doesn’t speak clearly or properly at all and that I understood everything and the conversation completely flowed like normal. It was awesome.
Another creepy thing that happened while we were in the food court was that this guy walked past and touched me on the shoulder, said “disculpa”, put a note on the table in front of me, and walked away. I opened up the note and it was this long paragraph written in Spanish that said something along the lines of “I didn’t sit where I did in the food court today by chance. I am not doing this just to flirt with you; I am doing it because you truly caught my attention. I would love to get to know you. –Juan” and it had his number written underneath. Needless to say, Thomas laughed at me for like 5 minutes straight and I just felt really uncomfortable because I was worried that the dude was watching me read the note. I quickly threw the note away to make a point. We stayed a while longer talking, and then we went to my house in collectivo around 7 and Thomas’s mom picked him up there. At home, I helped Nancy make the cake that she had to make for my cousin Laurie’s birthday party the next day, and then about an hour later Sally came over. We sat and talked in my room for a while, and she had a lot of stuff to tell me about the new school she just started at. I also got some amazing news that night—I got into UCLA! I basically started jumping up and down and screaming when I found out and I ran out to tell Nancy and Laurie and Tia Ximena who were all over helping with the cake and they congratulated me too. Around 11, we all piled into Tia Ximena’s car and went over to her house. There were a lot more people there than I expected. There were my grandparents, another aunt, and my cousin Vale, who is 20 and in college. Sally was a little bit overwhelmed, but I think it was good that she met the family while I was there because she and I are going to change families soon and this will be her family so she will have to meet them soon enough anyway. We all sat together to eat the asado they had prepared, and I introduced Sally to everyone.
Then, Sally, Vale, and I hung out for a while and talked about boys and drama and shared stories. At 2 in the morning, Sally and I were dead tired but the adults were still partying outside, so Vale invited us to lie down on the big bed and watch a movie. We started watching Lo Imposible, but then right as we started it Nancy came in to tell us we were going home. We got into the car, Sally slept on my shoulder on the ride back, and when we got home we immediately went to sleep.

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