Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Sunday, March 30

Today I woke up around 10 and went for a run. It was kind of sad because it was probably my last run in Talca and I really like the route I run in Talca. I got home and sat outside on the bench in their front yard working on my blog for a little while until Abueli, Tia Ximena, Laurie, Joaquin, Vicente, and Vale showed up at the house and I decided it was probably about time to shower. I showered and then went into the kitchen to talk to all of them and help Maxi copy down notes that he had missed in the 10 days he was gone into his school notebooks. It was awesome that he trusted me to write his notes in Spanish. We all ate lunch together, and then Vale’s mom took me, Vale, and Vicente into the center of Talca. She dropped us off at the mall and we walked through the mall for a while and then out on the main street looking for Talca postcards for me. We didn’t end up finding them but we did have a really nice afternoon together and got ice cream at this super famous place in Talca called La Via Lactea. It was great ice cream. We walked all the way home, and then I sat with Nancy, Abueli, and Abelita in the kitchen and wrote down some more of their famous Chilean recipes in the book of recipes that I am planning on bringing back to the states with me. I don’t want to forget how to make any of the great dishes they have here. After that, we all got together to eat a small dinner of pan amasado and chancho en piedra (bread with salsa), and then all the kids went together into the living room to watch Peter Pan. By the time we actually left Talca it was 10 at night on a school night, and I was a little pissed off. I listened to music on the way home and tried to sleep, and then when we got back to Rancagua around 12, I went right to sleep. One thing I will not miss so much about Chile are these super late nights when they are followed by obligatory early mornings.

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