Sunday, June 29, 2014

Friday, June 27

Today was a very busy Friday. Manuel let me go into school at 9:40 (after the first class) so I could get a little more sleep. Fridays are always pretty boring at school because we have all the stupid classes. Instead of paying attention, we basically spent the whole day sitting around folding the wrappers of tea bags to make recyclable outfits for the alianza. After school we had barras until 4:30. It was kind of sad when I had to leave at 4:30 and say goodbye to Molly because she was leaving for Boston tomorrow. It made the fact that I have millions of goodbyes coming my way in like 2 weeks all too real. Anyway, from there I took a collectivo to the Jumbo. I was walking in when I ran into Isa. I accompanied her while she bought Chichi a birthday gift and wrote her card. Then Ale’s mom picked us up, dropped Isa off at her house, and brought Ale and me to Ale’s house. There, we got warm in front of the stove and then changed out of our school clothes. Around 8, Ale’s mom took us over to Chichi’s house. Her house is truly impressive. It is a big country house with a bunch of rooms and doors and passageways everywhere and it’s completely decked out in cowboy things. It’s seriously crazy, but it’s also kind of cold and daunting. We sat down in the living room by the big fireplace and talked for a while until Isa arrived.
We all sat down in a circle and decided to ask each other questions (kind of like truth or dare) to get to know each other better. We told embarrassing kiss stories, awkward moments, and funny things. We listened to awesome music and sang along. A little while later, the pizza delivery guy arrived and we ate pizza and talked for a long time.
Isa and Ale left at 1, and Chichi and I quickly went to sleep because we were all dead tired. Chichi let me sleep in her sister’s room, alone, and it was definitely a little creepy to be in that huge cold house alone, but I was so tired that I fell asleep anyway.

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