Monday, July 7, 2014

Saturday, June 28

Today I woke up in Chichi’s house at like 7 to be ready for her mom to drop her off and preu (and drop me off where I could get a collectivo to my house) at 8. I got ready, and then Chichi came into my room and told me her mom had decided to let her skip preu and that we could sleep longer. We went back to sleep for a few more hours, and then around 9:30 we woke up, got ready again, ate breakfast, and Chichi’s mom drove us into town. I took a collectivo back to my house. When I got home, I showered, and then got ready to watch the Chile vs. Brazil game with my family. We all laid down together on Manuel and Lilian’s bed to watch on their giant TV. The game was amazing, went into overtime, and then finally penalty shoot outs, where Chile ended up losing by 1. It was a nerve wracking, intense, and really good game. Everyone was pretty depressed afterward, but I was proud that Chile had gone out fighting hard against such a good (and controversial) team. After the game, I took a collectivo over to the Jumbo to meet up with Lila and Angulo. Lila was driving when they picked me up. We drove all the way out to Lila’s country house.

Lila and I painted all the sets for the alianza (we’re doing Snow white, so we had to make a castle and a lot of things), and then went in to sing while Lila’s sister and Angulo practiced the song they were playing for the alianza (I’m playing the flute in the song too).
Around 9:30, Angulo’s dad came to pick us up, and he drove me back into Rancagua to Louis’s house. Pablo, Cata, Louis, and Louis’s friend Vicho were there. We were planning on doing another “bar crawl” tonight. We walked around through the center of Rancagua stopping in at various bars so the boys could drink beer and Cata and I could drink Diet Coke because beer is gross. We went to a new bar that had opened up called Voodoo, where there was dancing and music, and we stayed there for a while. We met a South Korean guy and his friend from Sweden who had been in Chile for 3 months and had come to open up a restaurant. I didn’t like them too much because they spoke horrible English and didn’t speak Spanish at all and basically spent the whole time we were talking with them bashing Chile and saying that they didn’t like the country because it was dirty and the people were too touchy. I felt weirdly defensive of what I have come to think of as “my country”. Anyway, we left around 2 and walked back to Louis’s house so Cata’s dad could come pick us up. Cata and I went back to her house to have a long talk about boys and problems and the fact that I’m leaving soon, and we didn’t go to sleep until around 4.

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