Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Friday, June 13

Today was a really busy day. School was just a normal day filled with plans for the Alianzas. After school, Thomas, Mery, and I walked into the center to meet up with Katie. We got McFlurrys from McDonalds and sat in the food court talking for like 2 hours. Katie invited me to her house to watch the Chile vs. Australia world cup game. I told her I couldn’t because I already had plans and she seemed to get really angry because I didn’t want to spend her last night in Chile with her. I couldn’t tell if she was kidding or seriously mad, but I told her that I couldn’t cancel the plans I had already made but that I would go over to her house after the game to sleep over. Thomas’s dad dropped me off at the Jumbo, where I met up with Pablo, we bought some chips and an onion, and then we walked over to Cata’s house. Cata and Louis were already there with Cata’s brother Seba, her live-in housekeeper Pau, and Pau’s daughter Laura. We sat down to watch the national anthem and the start of the game.
Lilian had given me a hat, blow up finger, and Chilean flag as gifts to get me into the world cup spirit, and I had brought them to Cata’s house. We had fun cheering and Chile scored 2 goals in the first 15 minutes. After a while, Cata and I got up and went to the kitchen so I could make nachos. Nachos covered in melted cheese, vegetables, and onions do not exist in Chile, so I felt that it was my duty to let these Chileans try our national super bowl food.
They turned out fantastically well and everyone loved them. We watched the rest of the game and cheered loudly when Chile won 3-1. Then we went outside and hung out for a while and did stupid random things like hanging upside down from Cata’s little jungle gym in the backyard. Around 10, Seba was nice enough to drive me over to Katie’s house. I arrived, promptly burned my finger on her heater (the blister is now purple and huge 3 days later), and then sat on her bed and watched her pack up her last suitcase and clean up her room. We then got in bed and talked for a long time, watched the movie Vantage Point, and fell asleep.

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