Sunday, June 22, 2014

Friday, June 20

Today I woke up knowing that it was going to be a very long day. We dropped Sally off at her school and I got to walk in and see it, then Manuel took me to Instituto Ingles. The day was pretty normal. My biology presentation went well and everyone clapped and cheered for me when I did it. After school we stayed until 6 practicing barras. They taught us a new dance that’s even more sexy than the others and I am going to have to work to pull it off without being embarrassed. Yesterday I had asked Sole if she could take me to Consu’s house after rehearsal because Consu was having a birthday “tea party”. She said yes. Only when rehearsal ended and Sole started asking other people if they could take us did I realize that she didn’t actually have a way to get us there. Everyone’s cars were full and so we ended up having to walk to the center in the dark to take a collectivo to the movie theater, then wait in the cold for about half an hour for a collectivo to pass that would take us to Consu’s house. We arrived about an hour later. All of Consu’s friends from B were there, and I was expecting it to be kind of awkward because although they’re all really nice, they aren’t exactly my closest friends. I really only went because Consu is one of my really good friends here. She gave me a tour of her house (which is basically like a museum of collections of old things) and then we sat down at the giant table filled with every yummy treat imaginable with all of her friends. They were so surprisingly inclusive of me. They all talked to me, asked me questions, and we had really awesome conversations. I was so pleasantly surprised that I was having so much fun. Manuel and Lilian came to pick me up around 9:30 and I went home, sat by the stove and talked to them for a while, and then went upstairs to sleep.

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