Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Tuesday, June 3

Today I finally had to go back to school. We had a geometry test, and I actually sat down and tried really hard on the whole test, which is not usually something I do. I think I did pretty well, but it was a little surprising I was after having to concentrate so much for so long. I think I’m a little out of practice when it comes to school stuff and I’m really going to have to hit the ground running in college in 2 months. The rest of school passed uneventfully. As I was walking to the collectivo after school, it started raining, and it didn’t stop for the rest of the day. I had been planning on going to crossfit with Sally, which requires me to take a collectivo to the Jumbo. I bundled up tight over my sports clothes and made the walk through the rain to the big street next to my house where collectivos pass. The street was absolutely filled with a river of water and there was no way to get around the water to cross the street to wait for a collectivo, so I braved walking through it. I took one step in the water, got my shoes absolutely soaking wet, felt the cold rush into my bones, and I immediately turned around and ran home. I still wanted to do some sort of exercise, so I just did a bunch of squats and crunches in my room. I guess that’s what my workout routine is going to become in these next few days while it is raining cats and dogs (as Chilean English teachers like to say). Anyway, Lilian called me downstairs for once early, and so I was back upstairs and in bed by like 8:30. I watched Shrek the movie in Spanish, and then went to bed early to the sound of the rain pattering on the balcony outside.

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