Sunday, June 15, 2014

Sunday, June 8

Today Katie and I woke up around 10, ate a quick breakfast, and then although it was raining and cold, I went outside to wait for a micro to take me back to my house. I probably should have just called my parents to come get me but I really wanted to let them see that  I could be self sufficient and that  I didn’t need to trouble them too often. I waited out on Katie’s street for a while, and then went walking toward the micro department nearby. When I saw that there was a padlock on the gate, I got a little worried. I decided to walk out to the main street to see if any micros would pass. None did. I called Manuel and he said that of course he would come to get me as soon as possible. I ended up having to wait for about 40 minutes more in the cold on the side of the street under the overhang of the bus stop. The collectivos would drive by and spray water over the curb and by the time Manuel arrived I was actually freezing cold. We drove home and I immediately went upstairs, took off my shoes and socks, and put my bare feet next to the space heater in my room. After I finally got warm, I went downstairs to talk to my parents.
Then we got in the car and went to a restaurant called El Mini Sheraton. It is a really popular restaurant, and we had to wait about 30 minutes to get a table. It was so worth it though because the food was amazing. Lilian shared chicken and a salad and we couldn’t finish it all even between the two of us.
Later, we drove home, and all of us were tired, so I went up to my room and worked on my blog while listening to the rain pour outside. Later we ate once and we all went to sleep early.

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