Sunday, June 15, 2014

Monday, June 9

Today at school was a pretty boring day. Then after school I walked into the center with Vicente (he had preu) to go meet up with Katie. We hung out, I bought supplies to make Oreo bonbons for Monse’s birthday, and then we met up with Katie H, Sally, Pierre, Louis, Nigel, and Nicolo in the food court. We were supposed to be having a meeting with the heads of Rotary from Santiago at 4 in the food court.
We waited around for them (and got McFlurrys from McDonalds) until 5:30 when they finally showed up. We wanted to discuss the many problems we’ve had with the Rancagua Rotary Club (basically Monchito and the club show absolutely no interest whatsoever in us… they’ve invited us to one meeting in 10 months, we hear from Monchito, our counselor, about once every 3 months, and he never pays us on time), be paid our monthly salary for June, and ask if we could get the $400 security deposit that we had made at the beginning of the year back as soon as possible. They seemed very helpful and like they wanted to solve our problems and really cared about us, but I have had this same conversation and made these same complaints to so many different Rotarians so many different times, and nothing is ever done to fix anything, so I really don’t have much hope. The one really good thing that did come out of the meeting was that Clara, the president of Rotary, forced Monchito to allow me to give a speech in front of the Rancagua Rotary Club next Wednesday to explain to them exactly how abandoned they have made us feel this year. I am not the person that can sit around and let people get away with doing things wrong of unjustly, and before I can leave Chile in peace I need for Rotary to know what they have done to us. I also truly want these practices to change for all the future exchange students that come through Rancagua.
the micro home
Anyway, around 7:30 I took a micro home, made the Oreo  bonbons for Monse, ate once with my family (and filled them in on all the juicy details from the meeting since they hate Rotary Rancagua as much as I do) and then went to sleep later than usual.

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