Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Sunday, June 1

Today Katie and I woke up around 10, and then went downstairs to eat breakfast and talk to Katie’s sister Berni for a while. Berni is actually planning to go to Katie’s house in the US on “exchange” next year, which I think is the coolest thing ever. Their two families are going to have a bond that really will last forever. After breakfast, I changed clothes and caught a micro to my house. I wanted to get home early because I felt kind of guilty that I hadn’t been with my family in so long. I arrived around noon as Lilian was preparing lunch. I showered and then went downstairs to talk to her while she cooked. Manuel arrived a little later, and we all stayed together in the kitchen for like 3 hours while Lilian cooked and then while we ate. After lunch, Manuel and Lilian went to take naps, and I went upstairs to do something productive. My room has been feeling really cluttered lately, so I decided to take all the unneeded stuff like souvenirs and summer clothes and just pack them up into a suitcase.
La puesta del sol de hoy dia
I Skyped Melanie, and then Emily, all while going through my stuff and packing the unnecessary things. I know I still have a long time left and this was just to rid the room of useless clutter, but it was still kind of weird packing up a suitcase. After I finished, I went with my parents to the Jumbo, where there was a big sale at Paris, a department store. They bought me a thermal plaid shirt for the winter (it was a really cute little gift, and I love wearing it because it’s from them), and we picked out a new sweater for Manuel and a pajama shirt for Lilian. Then we went over to Berezzi to get a coffee and talk about life (what we always do together). We arrived home around 8:30, where I was shocked to be informed by my classmates that we don’t have school tomorrow either. I had been all prepared to go to bed early for school, so I decided I would still go to bed early and just get a nice good night’s sleep. I ate once with Lilian, we Skyped for a while with Fran (my host sister who is in Wisconsin right now), and then I went upstairs, watched The Breakfast Club, and then went to sleep.

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