Sunday, June 22, 2014

Thursday, June 19

Today was another normal day at school. After school I went to the Jumbo to get pictures printed. I’m giving all of my friends pictures of us together and I’m going to write them cards on the back telling them how much they mean to me and thanking them for all they’ve done for me over this year. Then I went home and drank tea and watched World Cup soccer until Sally came over around 7. We ate once with Lilian and then I left them alone to catch up while I went upstairs to write a presentation that I had to give at school tomorrow. It is just a little speech about the Chilean potato’s adaptations to avoid being damaged by freezes, but it was really hard to find information about that on the internet in Spanish. I basically wrote something very general and not too well thought out, but I made an effort and did it in Spanish, and that was still a pretty big win for me. (the next day I found out that in the Biology book which I do not own there was literally a page with the exact information that I needed on it) Sally came up a little later and we sat on my bed talking about life and boys and exchange and watching Jenna Marbles videos until 11. 

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