Sunday, June 8, 2014

Saturday, June 7

I woke up late Saturday morning. I took a shower, got ready, and then went with Lilian to the bread store (panaderia… I’m not sure if stores that sell only bread products exist in the US) to buy me an empanada for lunch. Lilian and Manuel were going all day to Manuel’s dad’s house in Curico. I had plans in the afternoon so they said I didn’t have to come, and I said that I really wanted to meet Manuel’s family. Lilian, however, advised me not to go, saying that she absolutely hates it there and that it is the most boring experience I could possibly have. So I stayed home alone for a while, working on my blog and watching National Geographic documentaries (it is strange that a large number of those documentaries are “not available in my country”). Around 4 I walked outside in the cold and light rain to wait for a micro to Katie W’s house.
This is what a micro looks like in case anyone was wondering
About an hour later, I finally arrived at Katie’s and we hung out for a little while. Then Mery came and picked us up and took us over to Pitu’s house. We were having a tea party with Katie’s girlfriends from Ingles as a goodbye party for her.
Amaya, Lorenza, Rosario, Pitu, Mery, and Anto were there. They are really not my favorite people in the whole world. They’re sweet enough when they’re not making fun of our accents, but they just never really make an effort to include us. Also, their conversation topics are utterly boring. I am so glad I found good friends here in Chile because if I only knew these people I would honestly question the Chilean sense of humor.
Anyway, we ate pie, merenguitos, and ordered pizza. We sat around talking for a long time, then put on music and danced our dances from the alianzas (they’re all from C so they are in the same alianza and will perform the dance together, and I’m from A and have different dances and am on a different “team”). We talked for a long time and laughed (I forced myself to extract as much humor as possible from their jokes) and I actually ended up having a really great time with them. I was so sure that I was not going to have any fun that I went in with a bad attitude that the girls really didn’t deserve. They’re really sweet and nice and I do enjoy spending time with them; it’s just that they’re not my best best friends. Around 11, Mery drove Katie and I back to Katie’s house. We lay down in her bed under like 1384128350 blankets and watched the movie 50/50 while listening to the pouring rain outside.

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