Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Wednesday, May 28

Today was a pretty fun day. It was only a half day, so we got out at 12:50. Also, Katie W came back to school today to say goodbye to everybody because she is leaving in like 2 weeks. Mariana, Chichi, and I ditched English to go practice the alianza dance, and then Katie joined us when she got to school. She was pretty nervous to come back to school after having been gone for so long, but everyone received her with open arms and she went through the rest of the day with her class. After school, Katie, Cata, Pablo, and I walked into the center to get lunch. Louis joined us later. We ate giant sandwiches from Tio Manolo, and then we walked around the center for a while just basically doing nothing and hanging out. We went into the mall, and on the top floor there were these little kid rides. Just to be funny, I got onto one of them and we tried to put in the money to make it work. This old janitor guy came up to us and told me I had to get off. I politely did so, but then the guy kept talking about how we should really grow up and how obviously we were too fat for the little kid ride to hold us, and Pablo got angry with him. We decided to just walk away, but Pablo didn’t walk away before getting up in the guy’s face a little bit. I guess it’s a pretty sucky job to be a janitor for your whole life, so I don’t really blame the dude for being so rude to us. Anyway, we went into another part of the mall and bought ice cream and talked for a while. It was Katie, Louis, me and Pablo, and so obviously we spoke in English. It was honestly impressive how Pablo was able to understand and contribute to the conversation. And he never even went on exchange. I’m kind of jealous to be honest. I got home in collectivo around 6, and immediately went for a run. After the run, I sat in my room and watched a movie. Downstairs, my aunt was getting the calluses shaved off of her feet at our dinner table (gross, I know), so Lilian brought me dinner on a tray to eat in my room. It was the cutest thing ever, and I felt so grateful to have such a thoughtful and caring mommy.
I ate dinner, finished the movie, and then went to sleep.

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