Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Monday, June 23

Today was a very fun day at school. Chile was playing Holland at 12, so the whole school stopped learning around 11:20, and everyone went to their classrooms (where students had brought TVs from home) and watched the game.
My generation went to a big auditorium to watch the game all together. Everyone had their faces painted (I brought the tattoos Manuel had given me and passed them out to all my friends) and was wearing Chilean jerseys, and we all watched the game intently.

Chile ended up losing 2-0 to Holland, but it was a great game and it was even more fun because I was with all my classmates and they kept singing rally songs and screaming at the ref’s calls. After the game, Chichi, Thomas, Joaquin, and I ditched English class to listen to Joaquin play guitar and talk. After school we had barras until 4:30. Then I went home for a while before Pablo came over. He had come over with the intention of studying math (I was to be the tutor), but we ended up just talking and laughing and sharing good music that we knew the whole time. He had once with my family, and it was a lot of fun all of us talking together. Pablo is the kind of person who can have fun and be himself in any situation, which is something I love about him. He is hilarious, and even though he spends a lot of time making fun of me, we always have a great time together. He left around 9:30, which was late, and so after he left I just got in bed, watched a bit of The Bucket List, and fell asleep.

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