Sunday, June 22, 2014

Tuesday, June 17

Today was another school day. We had PE today and we’re back to volleyball again which I really don’t like but today was actually really fun and I didn’t do too badly at it. After school we had a rehearsal for the people who are going to perform a song for the alianza. They are playing Counting Stars and they asked me to play the flute. It’s a super easy part, but I haven’t played the flute in so long that it still scares me a little bit. We practiced for a while and then I went back to the classroom to practice barras with the others. Molly, Popi’s friend from the US was there and a bunch of my classmates surrounded her and were trying to speak to her in English. I joined the conversation and they kept asking me for help on how to say different words and things and it was kind of adorable to watch them all trying so hard. After Molly left my friend Sole came up to me and apologized for making for of my accent so much (even though it really doesn’t bother me because she does it with love) because hearing Molly speak she realized how much I’ve improved this year. It made me really happy to hear that. I went home around 5, went for a run, and then ate once with my family, watched the DaVinci Code in Spanish, and went to sleep.

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