Sunday, June 22, 2014

Monday, June 16

Today at school was a nice day. Except that after lunch I had English. I really don’t like English, and about 3 weeks ago I decided to do whatever possible to avoid the class. Today, I couldn’t convince anyone to ditch with me and I didn’t want to just sit outside the classroom alone, so I decided to try to just leave school after lunch. There is only one exit: the front door. I walked past the front desk and said something like “I’m leaving and I don’t have a note, but my parents know so it’s ok”. They told me that I couldn’t leave. I said “no but I’m an exchange student so it doesn’t matter”, and the woman looked surprised and said she had no idea because my accent was so good. She proceeded to start a nice conversation with me, let me sign myself out, and then let me leave the school completely without permission.
pretty church in the center of town
I walked into the center of town to chill for a while. I went to the grocery store to buy the Chilean candy that I want to bring back to the US for my friends and family to try. Then I ran into Popi (a classmate who went on exchange to Boston last year) and her friend from the US who had arrived in Chile yesterday to visit Popi for 2 weeks. I think having someone from your exchange come to visit you is really amazing. It truly means that you made lifelong connections with people. I would absolutely love it if my friends came to visit me. I want to be able to share my culture and daily life with them like they have shared theirs with me this year. Anyway, I went home around 5 and then went for a run. At 6, the United States was going to play their first World Cup game. I turned on the TV to see it only to find out that USA soccer is so unimportant in the rest of the world that they weren’t even broadcasting the game. I had to find a live streaming of the game. I watched the whole thing and celebrated like a true fan when US beat Ghana 3-1. Then I ate once with Manuel and Lilian, watched Blancanieves y el Cazador in my bed with the bed warmer on the highest setting, and then went to sleep.

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