Sunday, June 8, 2014

Friday, June 6

Today I had to wake up earlier than usual to use the bathroom before Maxi needed to take a shower. I also thought that I was going to have to wash some fruit and put some cereal in a bag for lunch because Sra Adela hadn’t known to make me a lunch. When I walked into the kitchen, Nancy was already awake and making me a huge salad for lunch and had a bowl of cereal waiting for me at the table. It was honestly the cutest gesture ever and it just made me so happy that she hadn’t forgotten about me and that she still considers me her daughter too. School was boring, but then dance practice after school was really fun. I went home, relaxed and did nothing but watch videos on YouTube and practice the alianza dances for a while. Then Manuel and Lilian got home and we ate once together and they drove me back over to the San Martin house. Eric was having a little birthday party tonight and they had invited me. We cooked all together, and then Tio Mario and Tia Ximena arrived with the cousins.I loved seeing them again and catching up. I just feel so comfortable with these people, like they’ve been my family forever. We sat around the table and talked and laughed and played with the little kids for a long time, and then ate pizza and sang happy birthday to Eric.

The cake was mil hojas, which is an amazing cake filled with manjar that doesn’t exist in the US but that is absolutely amazing.
Around 11 Manuel came to pick me up, and we went home and I lay in my bed to watch a documentary about WWII and then sleep.

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