Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Monday, June 2

Today I got to sleep in until like 10. I got up, got ready, and then Skyped for a while with Ana. Around 1, I took a collectivo into the center to meet up with the guy Gabriel. He is a guy from my school who returned about 2 months ago from an exchange year in Japan. He’s a little strange and I kind of feel like he only hangs out with me to later tell his friends that he was flirting with the gringa, but I really wanted to hear his cool exchange stories from a year in Japan (which honestly is a whole lot more scary and different than a year in Chile), so I agreed anyway. We were sitting in the plaza talking when this random guy tapped me on the shoulder and handed me a little gift bag.  He said “this is from your friend” and walked away. I opened it, and inside, there was a business card, and little card with a guy’s name, phone number, and the message “add me on Facebook”, and also a little chocolate bar. It was incredibly odd, but whatever, these creepy things seem to happen to me a lot in Chile. We ate empanadas for lunch, and chatted until around 4, when he walked me over to the mall and then left to go look at clothes. I waited there for Pablo, and when he arrived, we took a micro back to my house. I helped Pablo with math because we have a geometry test tomorrow and he really didn’t understand very much. I tried really hard to explain everything to him, but teaching things in English is hard, and in Spanish it’s even harder. I think he did end up understanding though, which is great. After we studied, we went on the computer and looked at old pictures of each other and our “dark pasts” (his is a lot more embarrassing than mine for the record hahaha). His mom came to pick him up around 8, and then I ate once with my family. After once, I Skyped with my mom about more college planning stuff (I’m still not completely sure what I want my major to be and if I want to try to double major in Spanish or something else useful). 

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