Sunday, June 8, 2014

Wednesday, June 4

Today was a pretty average day at school. At lunch, however, there were tryouts for the "princess" of the alianza. Each alianza picks a prince and princess.
Little kids from like 3rd grade came to our classroom, we pushed all the desks together and made the kids stand on top of them and dance to reggaeton music. It was basically the cutest and most hilarious thing ever watching these ting uncoordinated kids dance to sexy music, but then things got a litle out of control when the little boys started taking off their shirts and shorts.
After school, I had to walk into the center to meet up with Louis, Katie W, and Sally to pick up the sweatshirts that we had ordered for all the exchange students in Rancagua. Vicente didn’t have anything to do for like an hour until his PSU prep class started, so he came with me. We met up with the rest of them in the center, and then went to get the sweatshirts (which by the way look awesome! They say “keep calm and kiss an exchange student” on the front and “Siempre juntos RYE Chile 2014” and our last names on the back), and then, even though it was raining, stopped for an ice cream. I was so impressed with Vicente. I knew his English was good, but we had never really spoken in English before. The poor guy was surrounded by 4 gringos talking quickly in English, and he didn’t even flinch. He just easily switched languages and continued making his same jokes and quick comebacks in English instead of Spanish. It was truly impressive. Later I told him I hated him because he’s never even been on exchange and he speaks English better than I speak Spanish after having been here for over 10 months. The most impressive thing was that he was able to keep his personality in a foreign language. People who hear me speak English and Spanish always comment on how much nicer I am in Spanish. I can’t be my sarcastic, pessimistic self in Spanish, so I opt for cute and sweet instead. Being myself in another language is definitely not an easy task.
The center is really just the street Paseo Independencia
Anyway, I got home around 5, did some exercises in my room (because it was raining and I couldn’t go out to run), showered, ate once with the family, and went to sleep.

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